MC Cheatsheet: New Social Networking Trend ... Twitter Proposals?

Justin Horrocks

Jessica: "I'm going to rank this new style of proposal right up there with the ring-in-a-piece-of-food-I-can-choke on." Lemondrop

Anna: "Apparently the latest craze in sex fetishes is … cuckoldry? I don't think my boyfriend would ever go for that. Not that I'd want him to. Weird." The Daily Beast

Jihan: "Looks like Top Chef is launching a spin-off just for pastry chefs. Who wouldn't want to be a judge on that show?" Grub Street

Katie: "Playboy perfume — smells like T&A spirit." Racked

Sophia: "I don't know if this amazing video of a dancing Swedish cop is staged or real, and I don't care — you must see the rotating hips 36 seconds in!" The Frisky

Kate: "So, natural deodorants make you smell natural? Isn't that what we're trying to avoid?" BellaSugar

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