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Fight The Flu 2.0!

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Flu season is upon us, ringing in runny noses and head congestion. This year, as with every year, getting sick seems impossible to avoid. That is, unless you sport the ever-trendy flu mask… But we're thinking, no.

So what to do when those pesky symptoms kick in? Along with hot liquids and rest, you can actually rely on your smart phone or tablet to help you out this winter. With the swipe of a finger, you'll be tech-savvy and flu-free before you know it — just be sure to disinfect your touch screen between uses.

Fight the Flu

New this month, the "Fight the Flu" app from Genentech, a biotech company, might be your first — and only — stop for the entire flu cycle. From tracking the country for flu activity to helping you determine if you've got symptoms that warrant a doctor's visit, this free app will ease you through your cold, and prevent another from taking you down in the future. The app even pinpoints the nearest pharmacy if you find yourself needing NyQuil, stat.

Home Remedies

If medicine fails you, try a more natural approach. In the "Home Remedies" app ($0.99), you'll find a number of the most effective alternative cures for every ailment out there, all concocted from natural ingredients. For example, to remedy that vexing sore throat, try mango bark fluids, either solo or with a warm water gargle.

Beat the Flu HD

Looking to seriously prepare and protect yourself — not just from seasonal flu, but also from a potential bird-flu breakout? Then download "Beat the Flu HD" ($9.99). This iPad app offers in-depth advice and life-saving tips, including how to get your hands on anti-viral meds before they run out. Reluctant to shell out $10? Maybe invest in that flu mask after all.

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