What To Read, Watch & Listen To This Month

Drop to your knees, pagans! It's a good-versus-evil kind of month, starting with EVAN ALMIGHTY, which features Morgan Freeman (of course!) as the big man upstairs and ex-virgin Steve Carell as his Noah. In SHORT-CUT TO HAPPINESS, Anthony Hopkins strikes a Faustian deal with the horned one, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt (can't you picture it?). Bruce Willis's John McClane would never bargain with evildoers, as shown for the fourth (and last, please?) time in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. But the biggest otherworldly face-off comes in 1408 -from the diabolical mind of Stephen King-in which John Cusack tries to survive a supernatural hotel room. (We've so stayed there!)

In CD world, BRYAN FERRY invokes the god of folk in his surprisingly unannoying Dylanesque. There's also ANCHORED IN LOVE: A TRIBUTE TO JUNE CARTER CASH, a star-studded homage to a woman who's even more sanctified in death than she was in life. But: Can KELLY ROWLAND step out of the shadow cast by pop deity Beyoncé? Ms. Kelly, her first solo effort since Destiny's Child went kaput, holds the answer. Most divine rapper T.I. drops his highly anticipated T.I. vs T.I.P., and Satan-inspired MARILYN MANSON kicks off a tour with SLAYER -lock up the kids!- while Popebaiter SINÉAD O'CONNOR releases Theology. Not that anyone will notice, what with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- J.K. ROWLING's final word on the ultimate good-versus-evil showdown-coming out. At last...closure!

-Kelly Marages

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