Early Birds Get the Royal Wedding!

The media's gone bananas for the royal wedding and we've been swept up in the madness too. That's why we'll be here at 4:30 AM putting together all the details on the dress, the hair, the makeup, the guests...and of course, the hats!

Our web team will be loading up on coffee, bagels, sugar and whatever else crosses our minds so we can keep our wits about us as the day wears on. We know lots of editors and style bloggers doing the same across the city. In fact we read that Entertainment Tonight has 70 staffers devoted to Will and Kate's big day.

And while we may feel slightly sorry for ourselves in the morning when those alarms goes off, that's nothing compared to some of our online friends on the west coast who can't even go to bed at all...with coverage starting at one in the morning. Oy!

I called my friends Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks of the hilarious site Go Fug Yourself

(@fuggirls) and asked how they were going to get through: "Basically, we are not going to bed at all — we're live-blogging it for GFY, and covering the fashions for both New York mag and Grazia, which is a British magazine.We've spent all week trying to figure out how best to get a grip on this craziness. We think we're going to be taking a nap in the late afternoon and then just girding our loins and pulling an all-nighter. It's just like college, but our final exam is in WILLS AND KATE. Our rations include: SIX CASES OF DIET COKE (is that enough, we wonder?) and also I suspect a huge amount of carbs."

That sounds like a mighty fine plan. May the royal force be with us all...

How are you spending the wedding? Are you waking up early too? If so, we hope to see you here and on our Facebook and Twitter.

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