5 Reasons We Love the Bourne Movies

The third installment — The Bourne Ultimatum — hits theaters this month. We'll be first in line because:

1. It stokes our nostalgia for an era when Slavs were the enemy, Europe was the battleground, and homicide — not suicide — was the evil act of choice. Good times.

2. Matt Damon in an olive-drab tank top, massive biceps wrapped around a Kalashnikov, Russian spy in the crosshairs. (We know. We had you at Matt Damon.)

3. The car action scenes? Straightforward chases in Mini Coopers along narrow European roads. Steve McQueen would approve.

4. That whole thing where Damon calls Joan Allen's cell and tells her she shouldn't chew the end of her pen like that, and she has that oh-my-God-he's-in-the-house moment? Yeah, never gets old for us, either.

5. Bourne rides solo. (Sorry, Ben.)