We Have Proof That Ladies Are Football Fans, Too!


We've made it clear that MC understands that football season is a huge part of many of our female readers' lives — from unique, tailgating soirées to dressing stylishly for game-day, there's certainly a reason for us to be excited for the start of fall. The numbers don't lie: In a recent Bud Light survey to celebrate the 2013 season, women have proven to be almost as engaged in the sport as men.

In fact, more than 45-percent of women watched football every weekend last year, and may just have had more fun while doing it, too. According to Bud Light, female fans (45-percent) are 10-percent more likely than male fans to socialize during a game. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, female fans are superstitious football fans, too. We're eight-percent more likely than male fans to wear the same article of clothing to help a team win, and one in four ladies thinks a team loss is due to a superstition left unfulfilled.

The moral of the story: We're (apparently superstitious) football fans, and we're here to stay.

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