What Is Branché?

The new mag from the editors of Marie Claire

In French it means plugged in, but—as with fries, toast, and certain kinds of kissing—we've co-opted the notion and made it our own. In our world it refers to the fashion you want to know, and the places you need to go—whether that means the Nolita nail-art spot favored by Girls stars or the West Village restaurant at which Karlie Kloss can't help but Instagram her omelet. In other words, it's your high-style, of-the-moment—and yes, plugged in—upgrade to everyday life in New York City.

At the heart of the matter is the Branché girls. Who is she? We've rounded up New Yorkers—from our cover girl, the inimitable Diane Kruger, to forever-cool downtown icon Chloë Sevigny, to savvy local ladies like chef Melia Marden and editor Uzoamaka Maduka——who, in and of themselves, define the term.

Still wondering what we mean? Flip through the pages of Branché: We're guessing you'll know it when you see it.

Tell us what you think at marieclaire.com/branche.

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