10 Ways Twitter Changed Our Lives


1. We can get any idea across in 140 characters or less. And less if you're including a picture.

2. Our lives have become a series of hashtags. #realtalk #blessed #winning #fail #overheard #nomnomnom

3. You realize how many people share your name. @halliegould, @gouldhallie, @hallie_gould, @hgouldgang's all here!

4. Live tweeting has officially overshadowed red carpet events. Gone are the days when you have conversations with your friends about what your favorite celeb is wearing. It's all about the Twittersphere.

5. Your number of Twitter followers is directly correlated to your relevance on this Earth. FOLLOWERS < 1,000 = NOT FOLLOWING YOU.

6. It has become painstakingly clear how many people in the world watch Pretty Little Liars. #PLLChat #PLL #AliTellsAll

7. You can now get a job (or lose a job) based on your Twitter presence. Be smart, people!

8. We've all been subjected to billions of old photos of our friends, family, and acquaintances for the sake of #TBT. Throwback to two seconds ago when I took this selfie and posted it online.

9. The world recieved this incredible gift:

10. And this one:

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