Goldieblox Strikes Again with Latest Ad

Company compares princess toys to drugs

goldieblox brain on princesses
(Image credit: Courtesy of Goldieblox via Youtube)

GoldieBlox once again proves that engineering is a girl's world. The toy company known for its female-focused construction sets released a new ad campaign titled "This Is Your Brain on Engineering," to YouTube Tuesday. It already has more than 90,000 views.

In the ad, an "Engineer Princess" holds up an egg (just in time for Easter, natch) and says, "this is your brain". The egg's then placed on a conveyer belt where it's dressed up like a princess before being launched into one of GoldieBlox's Rube Goldberg-like machines. Through a series of facts and statistics displayed along the way the message is loud and clear: Girls are "more than princesses," they are future mathematicians, scientists, and engineers.

A behind-the-scenes video (opens in new tab) posted to GoldieBlox's YouTube page explains how production was inspired by the famous "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" PSA from the late 1980's. Though little girls won't get the reference, their parents definitely will.

The company's inventor and CEO, Debbie Sterling, overcame many obstacles when first launching the toy brand. "The response I got was that girls aren't inclined toward building, and construction toys for girls are doomed to fail," she tells Marie Claire magazine in its March 2014 issue. But a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign proved these doubters wrong. GoldieBlox's last ad was featured during this year's Super Bowl (opens in new tab) and quickly went viral; this one is sure to follow suit. GoldieBlox products can be found at both at Target and Toys R Us.