5 Things to Know Right Now

[image id='d721be77-d40d-471e-9647-eb744e9eb3b9' mediaId='91773b3e-e15d-42db-b891-a2441cde190f' loc='C'][/image]1. Rejoice! Alexander Wang For H&M is happening. The designer posted an extremely exciting Instagram video over the weekend announcing the brand's collaboration with the retail giant. The partnership was also revealed at Coachella over the weekend. You'll have plenty of time to save your money for the accessories and apparel as the collection hits stores on November 6.


2. Kate Middleton showed off her cricket skills in three-inch heels and a suit because that's how duchesses do. Take note, folks.

[image id='d721be77-d40d-471e-9647-eb744e9eb3b9' mediaId='fbf48f3b-e14f-48b6-b196-767f63e1d656' loc='C'][/image]

3. Beyoncé and Solange really are the coolest sisters you don't know. The "XO" singer made a surprise appearance during Solange's set at Coachella over the weekend and the photos are spectacularly fun.

[image id='33bd8613-303f-4e00-98a4-f64019af393f' mediaId='71f7810f-d1d7-43f9-9444-676d5fff17a0' loc='C'][/image]

[image id='cc5fa6aa-8199-4a70-bb7c-dae29add7de8' mediaId='2385cd44-36a5-4e0b-a27f-38ca69f3e454' loc='C'][/image]

[image id='b904331b-2a47-4ee5-b114-d69a28bd86bb' mediaId='c5064da2-7167-440a-a041-ac5c96f1e389' loc='C'][/image]

4. You're one step closer to dressing like Kate Middleton. Go-to duchess designer Roland Mouret is teaming up with Banana Republic for a limited-edition capsule collection, which will debut in early August.

5. The woman who threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton has been released. We're still not sure why she threw a shoe at the secretary of state, but apparently she did so wearing a blond wig and blue dress. An orange and black sneaker was recovered from the stage.

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