Serve with a Veteran on 11/11/11!

Veteran's Day is 11/11/11. Here's how you can serve stateside.

ServiceNation'sMission Serve is a national volunteer initiative aimed to help re-integrate veterans into their communities through service. The program's philosophy is service alongside veterans, not for veterans. Civilians and veterans are brought together through Mission Serve due to a mutual desire to serve on projects like Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club refurbishing, tree planting, and outdoor beautification. Volunteers can pledge a certain amount of time they'd like to volunteer and then work towards that goal with other military and civilian families. Chris Marvin, Director of Civilian-Military Partnership for ServiceNation, says "Veterans have the desire and the skill set to come home and be leaders in our communities. If you want to thank someone for their service overseas, the best way to do that is to challenge them to serve with you here at home."

This Veteran's Day on November 11, Mission Serve is sponsoring civilian projects all across the country. Volunteers can go to and find out how they can get involved in their respective cities. Marvin hopes to establish Veteran's Day as a national day of service and celebration — with both veterans and civilians having an equal hand in building up their communities.

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