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The 10 Best Selena Gomez Songs

Smile because it's done, cry because it was so hard.

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Did I like having to pick 10 songs from Selena Gomez's oeuvre, then ranking them from favorite to MOST FAVORITE EVER? No. Did I like feel a sense of accomplishment after completing such a grueling task? Also no. (Just agony, because it was so hard.) But did I get it right? You be the judge.

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"Love You Like a Love Song"

Just try to tell me this isn't a real banger. It is still too catchy, even in 2017, which means it's got more stamina than those nonagenarian marathon runners. A beam of light when everything else is ugly and broken.


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"Come & Get It"

A USDA-certified CHOON that Rihanna passed on (gasp) but Selena made hers when she rebranded as bona fide pop star, not a product of the Disney Channel factory. Nananana.


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"Same Old Love"

She sure can pick 'em (this one's written by hit-maker Charli XCX). Simple but effective, and Sel's voice has that something extra you don't often find in the plug-and-chug pop of some of her peers.


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"The Heart Wants What It Wants"

The one about Justin Bieber. Also the one that demonstrates, in a long, emotional crescendo, her growth as an artist and as a person.


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The final track of Revival spins an unexpectedly nuanced narrative about our girl losing a boy to a perfect woman. No easy feat to express those feelings of betrayal and inadequacy, and in such a vulnerable, personal way too.


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"Good for You"

Meet adult, seductive Selena, who enlisted A$AP Rocky for this super smooth, come-hither track.


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"Trust Nobody"

Good policy (in life), great song (marimba, elegant but entirely earworm-ish in its simplicity).


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"It Ain't Me"

A. Selena Gomez can really sing. B. Selena Gomez can do pop-house. C. Selena Gomez will remind young people to be strong and independent.


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"Hands to Myself"

You gotta love the contrast between the whispery and belt-y bits, which makes this an excellent record for all seasons, from the club to the shower. That flip little "I MEAN I COULD, BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO?" Iconic.


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"Bad Liar"

Super stylish. Effortless. A mighty fine example of what pop music can be.


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