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Outdoor Decor: Setting Your Table

Stock up on ideas from these design bloggers.
white umbrella
Linda Burgess/Getty Images
Design gurus, best friends, and proud owners of Golden White Decor, Lauren and Marika, shared their ultimate table setting ideas for an outdoor summer dinner party. Read their tips and stock up on their must-haves.
white umbrella
Linda Burgess/Getty Images
White Umbrella

An outdoor umbrella is a must during hot summer months. It keeps your guest shaded while looking charming in your backyard summer setting. A playful addition that will keep your guests happy!

California Umbrella Aluminum Push Button Tilt Market Umbrella with Black Pole, $127.93; amazon.com

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white picnic table
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White Farmhouse Picnic Table

The table is where everyone gathers, so be sure to get one big enough to fit all of your guests. A simple white table works perfect for a country setting and will work with any décor.

Dura-Trel Traditional White Picnic Table, #322.99; amazon.com

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mason jars
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Double Duty Mason Jars

What better way to have a glass of iced tea, fresh lemonade, or add candlelight to your table? Mason jars add a fun twist to any drink and work perfectly both indoors and out.

Mason Sipping Jars, $48; anthropologie.com

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picnic basket
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Pick Up a Picnic Basket

A picnic basket is the perfect summer party addition! Carry along all your goodies, and set it atop the table as a beautiful décor piece.

Jacquelyne Picnic Basket, $39.99; potterybarn.com

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white placemats
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Stock Up on Neutral Placemats

Placemats keep food from spilling on your table cloth, while adding the perfect touch to your all-white summer cookout.

Rope Charger Placemats, $16.50 each; potterybarn.com

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floral table cloth
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Floral Table Cloth

Dress up your table using a flowery tablecloth. This way you have a tasteful setting that is easy to clean up!

Big Pink Flowers Tablecloth, $121; laylagrayce.com

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linen napkins
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Linen Napkins

Give your county picnic a step of class by using linen napkins instead of paper. They won't blow away and if you get any stains, just use a little bleach.

Rustic Luxe Linen Napkins, $38 (set of four); potterybarn.com

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white lantern
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White Lantern

These white lanterns will add charm to your table or will look gorgeous hanging from trees in such an organic setting. They will also help provide a little light as dusk approaches.

Cathedral Lanterns, $10-15 each; pier1.com

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white plates
Paul Viant/Getty Images
Whimsical White Plates

Fun reusable plates will add zest to your summertime cookout! Get them personalized with your initials or pick up a pack in a timeless pattern so they won't get lost in the mix!

Baroque Melamine Dinner Plates, $140 (for six); horchow.com

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ice bucket
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Invest In an Ice Bucket

Keeping your refreshments cool when it's hot out is a must. Rather than pull out a musty cooler, grab an ice bucket that can sit atop your table and is within reach for everyone.

Outdoor Metal Ice Bucket, $22; westelm.com

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reusable silverware
Steve Miller/Getty Images
Reusable Silverware

Make sure to use durable reusable silverware to keep it eco-chic!

Dipped Flatware 5-pc Set, $29; westelm.com

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Faux Flowers

If you don't have time to pick them fresh, grab a few faux flowers from the craft store. This way you will have a great centerpiece no matter what kind of rush you're in...and no one will know the difference!

Faux Hydrangea Arrangement, $30.99; potterybarn.com

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