The New The Hunger Games Trailer is Beyond Intense


A new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was just released, and it is way better than the creepy propaganda-style teasers we've gotten so far.

It starts with Plutarch asserting, "No one else can do this but her." But President Coin has her doubts, replying, "She won't be able to do it — the games destroyed her." We follow Katniss, the face of the rebellion, through the secret District 13 with baited breath over what her next move will be. And, being the badass she is, Katniss of course agrees to fight with the revolution. The scene almost evokes a sense of déj vu from the first film's "I volunteer as tribute" moment, but this is much scarier considering these aren't games... they're real.

Watch, below, while we start counting down the days until November 21:

Photo Credit: YouTube

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