Reporter Asks 13-Year Old Why She Doesn't Play a Female-Friendly Sport

Baseball sensation Mo'ne Davis, 13, is making heads turn everywhere. The Little League pitcher extraordinaire can throw a ball at 70 miles per hour. And, she's the first girl to ever pitch a shutout at a Little League World Series game, and the first Little Leauger—boy or girl—to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Simply by being a girl playing in the World Series, Mo'ne is making history: She is just one of eighteen girls to ever play Little League baseball at this level.

Mo'ne's whirlwind fame has made her a hot commodity for interviews and positive press, but when the people at Fox And Friends sat down with her, co-host Eric Boiling had a more offensive question for Mo'ne: "What about a more female-friendly sport, like soccer?" UGH. You have the best kid in baseball chatting with you, and this is the question you choose to ask?!

Clearly, baseball is what Mo'ne is good at. If she's striking out all the male players on the field, then obviously she finds the sport "friendly" enough. Sports aren't about what's best for boys or girls, but what the player enjoys. Don't worry, Mo'ne had the last word in this sexist interview. Co-host Elisabeth Hasselback asked Mo'ne if she thought she could strike out Boiling on the field, to which she simply responded: "Yes." We think so, too, Mo'ne.

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