You Won't Believe The Colombian Women's Cycling Team's Weird Uniforms

Seems like more Brazilian than Colombian.

Typically, sports uniforms are never super chic. They're usually done in bright colors that can catch someone's eye from the nose bleed seats, covered in logos for the team or their sponsors, and rarely cause controversy—until now. The Colombian women's cycling team fits the bill for the first two categories, with its uniforms in red, yellow and white and logos dotting the skin-tight suit from the neckline to where it cuts at the thigh. In the middle, however, is what is causing a stir. From the waist to just below the crotch, a nude fabric covers the players' bodies, giving off the illusion that they're cycling partially nude. Of course, people all over the world are taking to the Internet to share their outrage:

Not only is this uniform fairly offensive, uncomfortable, and degrading, it's also just plain confusing. Here's hoping a designer somewhere is whipping up some new garb for the team—fast.

Image via Twitter/Hillary Evans

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