Mockingjay Trailer: You Know Things Are Bad When Effie Trinket Goes Normcore

If the bombs and machine guns didn't give it away already.

First they take away your rights. Then they take away your CoverGirl. If Effie Trinket hadn't realized she was living in a dystopian society before, she definitely knows it now.

In the hot-out-of-the-cutting-room official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Elizabeth Banks's character appears momentarily in a dreary, gray smock to match the dreary, gray warzone North America has become. Stuff blows up, Katniss Everdeen looses an arrow at a drone-looking thing, more stuff blows up, and everything seems hopeless. (Really, if it were set to some heavy metal, we would've thought Michael Bay directed this.)

At least the teasing's finally over, though. Watch the full preview here:

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