Please Meet: The 100 Best Websites For Women, 2013

This morning Forbes presented its fourth annual list of 100 Best Websites for Women, compiled by Forbes staffers, contributors, and readers. While they won't reveal any semblance of a qualifications formula, per se, they did reveal the qualities they most looked for: "informative and compelling content, sure, but also smart design, engaged communities and a voice that speaks to and for the female reader." Business groups like 85 Broads and Forte Foundation have set the standard for other like-minded organizations — like MAKERS, a new addition this year — to follow in their tracks. And while the 100 sites include far more than business sites, the powers that be have eliminated health content from the list, saying, "we don't believe we're the place to make those calls for you."

So, without further ado, check out the 100 Best Websites for Women, here, on Forbes.

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