Do You Need a Taser?

Tased and Confused
pink taser gun
Ross D. Franklin

Last summer, when Taser started offering a stun gun in bubblegum pink, we were skeptical. When we heard the company's stock was going up and that women were hosting Tupperware-esque "Taser parties" in homes around the country, we grew concerned. And when we caught wind of one saleswoman's pitch suggesting that the weapons are "all about girl power" because they fit in a purse, we'd heard enough. "There's a lot of evidence that stun guns could be used against the owner," says Amy Barasch of New York's Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. Tasers, which temporarily paralyze the victim with a 50,000-volt electroshock, are serious business, banned in seven states; where they're legal, buyers must submit to the same background check they would for any other gun. So unless you'd be comfortable stashing a Glock in your Goyard, we suggest you step away from the Taser.

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