Vanessa Bayer Hilariously Explains Feminism to Sleater-Kinney, Gets It All Wrong

Don't worry, she does it on purpose.
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This brings all the laughs. In the web series, Sound Advice, Janessa Slater (AKA Vanessa Bayer) is a media coach who's here to help artists fix their image. Her next client? Rock band Sleater-Kinney, a key member of the riot grrrl movement, and a band with a feminist bent.

Slater sits down with the women to talk about their image and how to be better artists. Some gems:

"Guys are running this place, but we can do stuff too! And for every monster truck and every Lamborghini or whatever, there's also a flower shop."

"So as an all-girl band, how many mysteries have you solved?"

"I feel like, if you want to sell tickets don't you want to play good music that's played by hot chicks?"

Watch the amazingness unfold:

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