#HowtoSpotaFeminist Is, Um, Exactly Why We Need Feminism

Ugh, people, would you just *listen*?

A right-wing shock jock named Doc Thompson apparently doesn't know what feminism is, sohe crowd-sourced answers on Twitter over the weekend. And there were so many responses that the hashtag #HowtoSpotaFeminist started trending. You can see some particularly *choice* examples below.


Let us make this easy for you, Feminism Misinterpreters: The feminist is the one laughing at all these gross, outdated, sophomoric generalizations. And in case you need to figure out how to "spot" her, she looks like your girlfriend, your mom, or your sister, or he could resemble any one of your buddies. The only requirement to join is a belief that men and women are equal, so hey, Doc and company: We're not an endangered species whose camouflage you need to peek under. We're right here, plain as day, staring you back in the face.

Oh, but then the real feminists responded in force, and it was awesome:

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