The 7 Books You Have to Read This Summer

Stories to pack no matter where you're going.

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It's not really summer unless you have a good book in your bag. Here, the best vacay reads for every destination.

After both experiencing loss, Yasha and Frances find solace in each other in the unlikeliest of places: the Arctic Viking Museum. Plus, it's funny!

$20; (opens in new tab) (available June 2)

The idyllic life of Georgia Ford is crashing down— oh, and it's just days before her wedding. Cue cold feet.

$18; (opens in new tab) (available June 2)

The very first chapter: Exes accidentally hurl themselves into the sea (talented Nichols makes this plausible, not cheesy).

$19; (opens in new tab) (available May 26)

Portia Kane has had it with her cheating husband— so she returns to her childhood home to reconnect with a high school teacher even worse off than she is.

$20; (opens in new tab) (available June 16)

See the world though 192 pages of electrifyingly colorful snapshots—like a travelogue, only prettier.

Closer, $19; (opens in new tab)

A gripping story of racial profiling, PTSD, and the threads that hold people together. You'll forget it's fiction.

$12; (opens in new tab) (available May 26)

A magazine editor learns her former assistant has co-opted the very fabric of the publication. A battle of longevity (and style, and tech) ensues.

$18; (opens in new tab)

A version of this article appears in the June issue of Marie Claire, available now.