5 Ways to Forget You're at the Office

Even for just five minutes.

Being stuck in an office (especially in the summer—hello, sun!) is downright torture on some days. Whether you're typing away in a windowless cave (been there), working long hours, or dealing with crazy co-workers—it's important absolutely necessary to take some time for yourself during the day. Here, some small things anyone can do for a couple minutes a day that will make a huge impact.

You don't have to leave your chair to get some peace of mind. Head to calm.com for a mini-mediation session that will give you a minute (or 10) to yourself. Set the timer for two minutes or up to 20 minutes, and select your nature scene–then, take a guided tour (or just listen to the nature sounds) to give yourself a mental redo.

Nothing can give you a break from your day like a nice cup of coffee. Calendar packed with meetings? Make an iced latte from your desk—we like Folgers Iced Cafe™ Coffee Drink Concentrates.

New apps (like LetsLunch.com) gets you out of the office to meet others in your industry (or in an industry you want to check out) for a great lunch and mini-networking opp. (Hey, sometimes you need to talk to someone else besides your Gchat buddies and Barb in accounting.)

Trade your lunch once a week to get out of your office and lend a helping hand. You can donate your time and skills online or commit to a weekly engagement (think: reading at a nearby school or helping with assisted living residents).

Scientists say smelling flowers can make you a friendlier person, so do your cubicle mates a favor and add some blooms to your desk. (Unless, you know, they're allergic. Then please don't.)

Samantha Leal
Samantha Leal

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