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—Yet another black church has been burned in South Carolina, making this the eighth in 10 days. The racially fueled acts of arson started after last month's Emanuel AME shooting; #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches has been trending on Twitter this week. (Time (opens in new tab))

—Recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon, as of midnight last night. (Huffington Post (opens in new tab))

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—The U.S. and Cuba have announced that they'll be opening embassies in each other's capitals, formally reinstating diplomatic relations between the countries. (New York Times (opens in new tab))

—Uuuuuugh: Ebola is back. A 17-year-old boy died of the disease in Liberia on Sunday. (CNN (opens in new tab))

—After pulling out of its deal with Miss USA and Miss Universe over Donald Trump's insensitive remarks about immigrants, Univision is in his crosshairs: Trump is suing for $500 million. (Variety (opens in new tab))

—The White House fence is getting a Game of Thrones upgrade today: Spikes. The sharp metal points being attached to the top of the fence are considered an "anti-climb" feature. (New York Times (opens in new tab))

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—There's a new task force being established in Europe with the goal of removing social media accounts used by ISIS. (New York Times (opens in new tab))

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