The Trailer for Banksy's Dismaland Is Like Tim Burton Threw Up All Over Your Childhood

Is it weird that I still want to go?

Lady bored at Dismaland
(Image credit: Getty)

When Dismaland opened last week, the internet briefly put aside its infatuation with Pepe to interpret the Deeper Meanings of the art objects contained in Banksy's twisted, decaying theme park. (Then these slo-mo videos of dogs having their fluff blow-dried happened.)

What does Cinderella's toppled-over carriage mean? (Popular opinion says it's an indictment of the paparazzi's involvement in Princess Diana's death.) Does the flimsy cardboard security checkpoint symbolize the futility of public surveillance? Why is Ariel's reflection in focus BUT NOT HER IRL?

IDK, but you can take a tour of Dismaland through the eyes of some random family who thought that shooting at models of migrant-carrying boats would make a nice family outing.