The BBC Knows You're Thirsty, So They Made You This Promo Starring All the Hot British Men

They know us so well.

I never thought I would write this—not when Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, Hugh Laurie, and Aidan Turner are in the same thirsty-AF video—but everybody else just fades into the background when Tom Hiddleston comes into view. How does he glow like that? What moisturizer does he use? It can't only be me this is happening to, can it?

Other than TH's weirdly attractive face, there's loads of other stuff to ogle in this preview of the BBC's fall/winter lineup, such as polar bears! Oceanography! Human sculpture Elizabeth Debicki! Tracey Ullman comparing Angela Merkel to "a sturdy German Pussycat Doll!"

But you'll see who the real star is. Watch here. 

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