Natalie Portman Is the Badass Feminist Cowgirl You've Been Waiting For

John Wayne who?

Getty Images

 Jane Got a Gun is finally back on track. Natalie Portman's new western hit plenty of road blocks during production (the original director peaced out, for one), but the way Portman takes names in the trailer makes it all worthwhile.

The film appears to be a highly feminist take on a predominantly male dominated genre, with Portman's character proving that women are just as capable of physically protecting themselves and their families as men. 

Jane Got a Gun's preview alone offers a glimpse of the badassery that Portman's bringing to the table, as she fights a gaggle of sexist cowboys who literally say things like "I want her back in my possession where she belongs." Ugh.

Check it out the trailer below, preferably while wearing a #HeForShe badge.

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