This Twitter Account Highlights the Sexist Way Women Are Introduced in Scripts

"She's attractive, but too much of a professional to care about her appearance." 


A recent study revealed that women were protagonists in just 13% of movies created by men in 2015. It's a pretty depressing statistic made worse when you consider that the representation of these women is often sexist—a fact producer Ross Putman brought to the internet's attention with his new Twitter account. "These are intros for female leads in actual scripts I read," he explains in his bio. "Names changed to JANE, otherwise verbatim." 

Prepare to be bummed:

Because god forbid professional women care about their appearance, right? *Fumes internally*

It's unclear which films these charming intros were pulled from, but if this is an accurate sampling of what men in Hollywood have to offer, we need more women behind the scenes immediately. 

BRB, doing this for the next hour or so: 


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