Paul Anka Is Coming Back to 'Gilmore Girls' (The Dog, That Is)

Meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy is just like 😐


The Gilmore Girls revival just got even more legit. Not only is Milo Ventimiglia (AKA Jess) heading back for Netflix's four episode season, Lorelai's pal with paws, Paul Anka, will make his triumphant return. (You might remember him for his distaste for walking and general laziness.)

As TV Line notes, Gilmore Girls will be set in present day (eight years after the series ended), making Paul Anka roughly 120 in dog years. Who knows what kind of shape this old timer will be in, but clearly he's the very definition of loyal (unlike *some* people). (Cough, Christopher, cough.) 

On a different note, we will continue to be in denial about the return of Dean until we actually see him on screen. Fingers crossed his story arc involves being swallowed whole by his hair flop.


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