Scott Patterson Posed in Front of Luke's Diner and Dropped a Major 'Gilmore Girls' Spoiler While He Was at It

Backwards baseball hat alert.

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Gilmore Girls is currently filming its Netflix revival, and the entire process has sent early aughts fans into a feeling-induced, pop-tart-binging frenzy. Understandably, the Stars Hollow set is shrouded in secrecy and emotions, but Scott Patterson just shared a super-spoiler-y photo of himself chilling in front of Luke's Diner with Amy Sherman-Palladino.

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The mere image of Luke hanging at Luke's is enough to make our day/life, but please take a closer look at his baseball hat. It appears to be the one Lorelai gifted him for Christmas, which he wore throughout their relationship (see the somewhat blurry clip below). 

Note the green under-brim, guys. That green under-brim does not lie.

Based on past Gilmore Girls events (read: that time Luke changed his hat when he and Lorelai broke up), it's safe to assume that Luke's revival headgear is a sign that he and Lorelai are most definitely together.

Life is good, nothing else matters. 

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