Here Are Some More 'Gilmore Girls' Set Pics to Get You Through Life

"Where you lead, I will follow"—the world talking to Netflix.

Other than the presidential election, the most important issue plaguing our time is when Netflix will release its Gilmore Girls revival, a four-part series of mini movies poised to change everyone's lives for the better.

The cast is still filming in the fictional-but-we-wish-it-was-real town of Stars Hollow, but Netflix has finally gifted the world some new set photos. Because frankly, that picture of Lorelai and Luke holding hands wasn't enough to satiate our collective Gilmore Thirst. The world is Gilmore Parched.

First up, here's a photo depicting one of the show's classic Town Hall meetings, in which Taylor Doose (presumably) holds court while everyone else lovingly eye-rolls.

But even more exciting, here's a photo of Rory and Lorelai hanging at their kitchen table, a spot where countless conversations and mallow-mar binging has taken place.

"I'll be there for youuuu, when the rain starts to"—wait sorry, wrong theme song, but still accurate.

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Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals.