Snoop Dogg Is Making a Female-Fronted Sitcom About Drug Dealers and It Looks Lit

"Millennial ganjapreneuers."

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ICYMI, Snoop Dogg has his very own weed brand called Leafs. But not content to stop his cannabis-related efforts there, he is now executive-producing an MTV show about two female "millennial ganjapreneuers."

At this weekend's Teen Choice Awards, the rapper announced his involvement with Mary + Jane, a stoner sitcom starring newcomers Scout Durwood and Jessica Rothe as dealers trying to corner the L.A. drug market while contending with Segway-riding rivals, roller skates, and dating. (Fun fact: Snoop also wrote the theme song.)

A little bit of High Maintenance + a little bit of Broad City + a little bit of Narcos (JK, JK) = an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

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