Exclusive: The Mid-Season Trailer for 'Sweet/Vicious' Could *Not* Be More Kick-Ass

What happens when two college girls defend their campus from rapists? Epic vigilante justice, that's what.

Out of all the new shows to come out in 2016, Sweet/Vicious might just be the most progressive—and fabulous news: the inaugural season shows no sign of stopping yet. MarieClaire.com got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek at what's to come in the adventures of Jules and Ophelia, two ass-kicking college students who moonlight as vigilantes. Their targets? Mostly rapists, which is just completely brave/inspiring.

"I wanted to write something that could be for this generation, and could be more than pretty faces and surface-level problems," creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson previously told us. "Millennials are a lot smarter than entertainment gives them credit for. There's no reason these subjects should be taboo and go un-tackled. It's a no-brainer."

Speaking of no-brainers, go ahead and watch Sweet/Vicious' epic mid-season trailer below.

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Could 👏 this 👏 show👏 be 👏 any 👏 cooler?

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