Dan Stevens' Pre-CGI 'Beauty and the Beast' Look Will *Haunt Your Nightmares*

Warning: you can't un-see this.

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Beauty and the Beast, as most of us know, tells the story of one woman's love affair with a humanoid dog/buffalo—and it happens to be one of the most iconic fairytales ever. A tale as old as time, if you will.

But little did we know that behind The Beast was something far more sinister. No, not Dan Stevens the Human. Dan Stevens the Robot. New behind-the-scenes footage shows the actor dressed up in a CGI suit so his Beastly alter-ego could be applied in post-production, and it's...well, slightly disturbing if we're honest.

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(Image credit: Archives)

But also completely hilarious, as Twitter will tell you.

Watch the full video below if your eyes can deal:

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