The 10 TV Shows We'll Be Watching this Winter

December is a sad time for TV fans. Sure, there's the holidays and family and blah, blah, blah, but there are also mid-season finales, reruns, and empty DVRs. For those ready to reunite with the tube at long last, we've rounded up our most hotly anticipated new and returning series. Happy watching!

Downton Abbey

Sundays, starting Jan. 6 on PBS

Not gonna lie — we've been more than a little annoyed with the fact that we've had to suffer spoilers and casting news alerts as the third season has already aired across the pond, but if it means we finally get to see Mary and Matthew say their long-anticipated "I dos," we'll deal.


Sundays, starting Jan. 13 on Showtime

The anti-Modern Family, this dysfunctional show about the Gallagher clan returns to a third season of hijinks. But this time, acting matriarch Fiona (played hilariously by Emmy Rossum) might actually try to do some good. We can only imagine.


Sundays, starting Jan. 13 on HBO

Yes, we admit there were trace amounts of hate-watching going on last season (who do these unsympathetic, First-World-Problems-having, underachieving girls think they are, anyway?!). And yet. We can't wait to see what Williamsburg-based shenanigans Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh get into this season. Let them eat cupcakes in the bathtub!

Game of Thrones

Sundays, starting March 31 on HBO

If Daenerys and Drogo can't make it work, where's the hope for the rest of us? Still, we love how Season 2 ended with Khaleesi reuniting with her dragons and hottie Jon Snow joining up with the Wildlings. And don't even get us started on those blue-eyed White Walkers. All the suspense for what's to come in Westeros is making us consider reading the next 892-page George R.R. Martin novel. Almost.

The Carrie Diaries

Mondays, starting Jan. 14 on The CW

Nevermind having tough shoes to fill. The young AnnaSophia Robb has some sky-high Manolos to step into with the prequel to Sex and the City, which chronicles Carrie Bradshaw's arrival to New York City in the 1980s. Although it can't possibly compare to the HBO classic and we can only take so much of that era's parachute pants and shoulder pads, we're more than a little intrigued by a femme-friendly origin story.

Cougar Town

Tuesdays, starting Jan. 8 on TBS

ABC's loss will (here's hoping) be TBS' gain as the cul-de-sac crew switches networks for its fourth season. We love the wine-guzzling, penny-can-playing pals, and like any good vino, we do believe this show keeps getting better with age.


Tuesdays, starting Feb. 5 on NBC

More than a few of us gave up on this show midway through the first season. But upon hearing that Season 2 brings with it a new showrunner, fewer billowy scarves for Debra Messing, and some major star power (Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes, to name a few), we are playing major catchup with the series. We love a good second act!

The Americans

Wednesdays, starting Jan. 30 on FX

Felicity fans have waited a long time to see Keri Russell return to her rightful place on the small screen. After a few misses (we tried to like Running Wilde, we really tried), we're pretty confident that her turn as a KGB spy posing as an American during the Cold War-era Reagan presidency will give us Homeland-level thrills. It's always a wild ride when you're rooting for the bad guy.

Project Runway

Thursdays, starting Jan. 24 on Lifetime

For its 11th season, Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia are going to have to make it work without Michael Kors. The designer had a scheduling conflict that puts much beloved Zac Posen in the judge's chair. And that's not even the most shocking switch-up: For the first time ever, the 16 contestants will work, not individually, but in groups. Since when has fashion ever been a team sport?


Thursdays, starting Feb. 7 on NBC

When the cult NBC series returns, the Greendale study group heads back to community college. Other than that, we should probably brace ourselves for paintball fights, conspiracy theories, chicken finger heists, time travel, and claymation.

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