Instagram: The Next Big E-Commerce Platform?

Kevin Systrom, the co-founder and CEO of Instagram, has been making the rounds at London Fashion Week, attending the Burberry Spring 2014 show and giving a talk—moderated my model Lily Cole—at the National Portrait Gallery. TechCrunch was on hand for Systrom's discussion, where he spoke about the native advertising potential on the social network.

The fashion world was one of the earliest adopters of Instagram, since its purely visual interface allows designers, brands, and style bloggers to showcase their clothing and accessories to a wide audience in real time. "I've seen plenty of times when a brand, whether it's Kate Spade or Cole Hahn, they'll post an image of some shoes, and the comments are 50 people asking, 'Where do I get these?' 'What sizes do they come in?' 'Do they come in this other color?' 'When are they available?' And that's awesome. It's not just about imagery, that's about the conversation as well," Systrom said during his conversation.

During Fashion Month, designer's looks are revealed by buyers, editors, and more on Instagram the second they walk down the runway, and there's no denying that the social platform has changed the way consumers shop—at least window shop. Systrom is looking to this already-existing content to develop ways to introduce advertising onto Instagram sometime down the line. There are already services like that are helping to make Instagram instantly shoppable, and we're thinking that's only the beginning.

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