For the First Time in 98 Years, Converse Has Changed Its Classic All Star Sneaker

Is this the beginning of the end?

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The classic Chuck Taylor All Star turned 98 this year and parent company Nike has decided to celebrate the shoe's longevity with a good ol' redesign. No doubt Converse devotees will be up in arms about any changes to their favorite footwear, but let's be honest, as cool as Chucks are, they're not actually that comfortable and they really don't last very long, which usually aren't great selling points in a shoe.

The redesigned shoe features, among other things:

  • Nike Lunarlon sockliner for cushioning and arch support—because who doesn't like comfort?
  • Foam-padded collar—because, yeah, the old Chuck sort of rubbed your ankle.
  • Non-slip tongue—because having the tongue of your sneakers slip all the way to the side is not a cute look.
  • An embroidered All Star patch—because that decal looks cheap, but the shape is still totally cool. 
  • Monochrome matte eyelets and matching laces—because the way those old silver eyelets turned your laces all black and gross always sort of broke your heart.

    Nike bought Converse back in 2003 after the company declared bankruptcy and has resisted the urge to update the iconic shoe until now. For the time being, the new shoe, dubbed the "Chuck II," is merely an  addition to the Converse shoe lineup, but who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning of Nike doing for Converse what they did for Cole Haan years ago when they began adding their comfort tech to all the brand's classic work shoes, which, until then, had been kind of a painful drag to actually wear and walk in. 

    The new Chuck Taylor All Star II hits on July 28 and will retail at $70 for the low-top and $75 for the high-top.

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