Lili Reinhart Wears a Dress Fit for a Disney Princess to a 'Vanity Fair' Party in Los Angeles

Lili Reinhart wore a dress reminiscent of Giselle's curtain dress in Enchanted to a Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles.

In America, at least, celebrities are often the closest thing we get to royalty. There are lots of different kinds of royalty though. There's the chic, classic kind of royal, like the modern British royal family. There's over-the-top monied "royalty" like the ultra-posh, ultra-wealthy, ultra-everything families in Crazy Rich Asians. And, of course, there is the Disney variety of royalty.

Last night, at a Vanity Fair party in Los Angeles, Riverdale star Lili Reinhart channeled the latter—but not in the way you'd usually expect. When we think about celebrities dressed like Disney princesses, we tend to think of stunning (and possibly bulbous) ballgowns at red carpets and fancy awards season events. But Lili went another way. Her latest look channels a very specific princess in a very specific outfit: Giselle's famous curtain dress from Enchanted.

Full disclosure: This might not be (okay, probably isn't) what Lili was going for. Her floor-length, floral (and striped!) frock just screams "I made this at home out of curtains—but in a good way" to me, personally. Thus the Enchanted connection.

Other very Disney princess-y features of Lili's dress include the sleeves—they have a very Snow White-esque poof to them—and the perfect sweetheart neckline. Behold:

And, in case you need a reminder, Here's Amy Adams rocking Giselle's creatively homemade dress in Enchanted:

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(Image credit: Disney)

Lili's always on-point fashion isn't the only thing she's making headlines for this week. She also recently ended her social media hiatus to call out negativity on Twitter, writing:

"At the end of the day, if you go online to attack people who you don’t know… you are only making it brutally apparent how insecure and unhappy you are. Misery loves company. Which is why hate grows. And people find happiness in hating or criticizing the same things. So think of how you’re presenting yourself as a human being when you choose to do so."

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