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The Coat Styles Meghan Markle Wears the Most

Follow her lead and invest in the classics.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Northern Ireland
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Since the day she went public with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's style has been a source of fascination for royal reporters and fans alike. What she wore or didn't wear immediately makes headlines—remember the whole tights controversy?—and plenty of brands have benefited from the "Meghan Markle Effect." The Duchess of Sussex even chose to create a fashion capsule collection reminiscent of her go-to pieces to benefit a nonprofit.

In short, people care deeply about what she wears. Ever since Meghan announced that she and Prince Harry wish to step back "as 'senior' members of the Royal Family," we have questions. Will this affect how often she attends public events and thus, her fashion appearances? After all, if Meghan divides her time between Canada and the U.K., what kind of attire will she adopt?

While I wait for further news on the future of Meghan, I'll content myself with reminiscing over her previous outfits and waiting for her next public appearance. The Duchess of Sussex, in addition to having quite the shoe collection, has an ever-growing coat collection. She has every royal-approved style, from the timeless trench to a more casual "blanket" coat, which maybe she will wear more of now that the Queen has (sort of) given her blessings to Meghan to "live a more independent life." I've analyzed the six types of coats Meghan wears on repeat, below.

A Beige Coat

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Wearing a camel coat for her baby shower, Sentaler, and Reiss.
Getty Images

Repeatedly popping up in Meghan's wardrobe are neutrals like beige and nude. Reasons for why the Duchess of Sussex has adopted this as her shade of choice range from, "it's a way for her to not overshadow the Queen and more senior family members" to "it's simply a color palette she feels most comfortable in." Meghan has a specific preference for beige outerwear, having debuted several coats in this shade in public. In her most recent appearance at Canada House, she wore a tailored nude Reiss coat.

A Wrap Coat

Clothing, Coat, Overcoat, Street fashion, Fashion, Outerwear, Trench coat, Dress, Footwear, Suit,
Wearing Soia & Kyo, Sentaler, and Stella McCartney.
Getty Images

A wrap coat is timeless, which is why Meghan has them in multiple colors. She wore a gray Soia & Kyo wrap coat over her pregnant belly back in 2018 and showed off her fun side in a red Sentaler outerwear a year later. The belted style is flattering on the Duchess of Sussex's figure, whether she's expecting or not, and suits Meghan's preference for coats that don't distract you from recognizing her royal duties.

A Double-Breasted Coat

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Wearing Mackage, Burberry, and Smythe.
Getty Images

Meghan knows she might not be able to rock a PVC coat or casual puffer without raising some eyebrows, so the royal chooses classic outerwear pieces that contain subtle designs. When it comes to tiny details like a built-in belt or buttons on the coat, these matters to Meghan. One of her favorite styles is the double-breasted look, as evidenced in the photos above.

Our favorite was the tartan one she wore while visiting Scotland back in 2018. The print, which Kate Middleton also wears frequently, looked great on Meghan and it stood out from her usual solid-colored hue coats.

A Trench Coat

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Wearing Aritizia, Martin Grant, and Burberry.
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A trench coat is an essential part of anyone's closet, so of course the Duchess of Sussex owns a few in this style. In line with her taste for neutrals, Meghan has mostly worn versatile olive and beige trenches. (She debuted two light-colored options when she embarked on the 16-day royal tour in 2018 with Prince Harry.) They're definitely the perfect piece to layer on top of her designer dresses or even jeans, when she's going the more casual route.

A Tailored Coat

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Wearing Smythe, Club Monaco, and Smythe.
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Meghan never met a tailored wool coat she hasn't liked. The outerwear in this category differs slightly from her double-breasted style in that there are less buttons and feature v-neck lapels, though her maroon Club Monaco coat had a sharp collar. The overall fit is slim, clinging close to her silhouette. The Duchess of Sussex owns a tailored wool coat in various colors, as seen above, which kind of makes me question if I should invest in a cobalt blue jacket as well.

A Blanket-Like Coat

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Wearing Club Monaco, Line the Label, and Mackage.
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One of Meghan's least fussy coats is what I'd like to call her blanket or shawl coat. The oversize style drapes over her body and has a wide, folded lapel. This design is the least polished and tailored of all her outerwear, which is refreshing because it proves she hasn't completely abandoned her tastes pre-royal life. The colors she chooses for the "blanket coat" are in muted tones, which makes styling them for public events easier. Meghan's all about looking cozy and comfy 24/7 with this number.

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