H&M Goes Eco a Second Time

After last year's floral-inspired The Garden Collection, H&M has decided to continue their support of eco-fashion with this year's The Conscious Collection. Whereas last year the clothes were flowing with color and pattern, the Conscious pieces are a lot more subdued. The colors are almost exclusively shades of white and nude, and the designs are really minimal (think basic tees with an interesting collar, peasant tops, and white eyelit shorts).

I saw the collection in person last week, and I love that H&M is committed to sustainable fashion and that they plan on making more collections like this in the future. I can't think of another major brand that is focusing on eco-textiles and actively trying to change its approach to fashion. That said, I definitely preferred their first foray into ethical design, The Garden Collection, because it was just what people don't expect from eco-fashion. It was colorful, vibrant, and fun — just what The Conscious Collection is lacking.

That said, I still loved a ton of the pieces — especially the cute one-shoulder dress and eyelit shorts pictured below — but next time, H&M, bring back the color! I know that color-dying is a very toxic process, but there are still brands like Stewart + Brown and Kuyban who have found ways to do it sustainably.

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