MC's Accessory of the Day: Cartier's Torque Necklace

The most powerful accessory yet.

With a bare gold body and two geometric heads embellished with smoked quartz, haematites, amethysts, and diamonds, Cartier's torque necklace from the new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection sends a bold statement.

Paris Nouvelle Vague Necklace, price upon request;

Cartier's Paris Nouvelle Vague collection encapsulates the Parisian woman in seven sub-categories: Sparkling, Mischievous, Voluptuous, Impish, Emancipated, Sparkling, Delicate, and Glamour. Cartier translates snapshots of Paris in dazzling ways: floating balloons become a ring of lapis lazuli cabochon clusters, while a bracelet of interlacing curves follow the form of a neoclassical dome smothered in white gold.

It's an unforgettable trip to Paris, dotted with diamonds. See our favorite pieces below.

Courtesy of Cartier
Courtesy of Cartier
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