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Ralph Lauren's Team USA Olympic Uniforms Revealed

With cozy-chic duds like these, we all want to channel our favorite athletes. This story originally appeared on Elle.com.
Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

We're just 15 days shy of seeing Team U.S.A. walk out into the Opening Ceremony arena in Sochi, and now, we finally—finally—know what our ridiculously talented athletes will be wearing. Designed by Ralph Lauren, the uniforms consist of white sweats, patriotically knit cardigans, beanies, and heavenly-looking boots—all in matching red, white, and blue, of course. Blame it on Sochi's sub-zero temps, but we'd like to think that the comfy-chic trend that's been sweeping the catwalks had a play in Ralph Lauren's design process.

Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

We got a peek at the Closing Ceremony uniforms in October, and were relieved to learn that they were actually made in the US, unlike past years. These carry the same "Made in America" tag, and are perfectly coordinated to boot. Plus, the adorably patriotic cardigans don't just look like they were made in the States, but hand-knit by your very talented grandma.

The good news is that these duds are up for sale to the masses, so you can show your support for Team USA by buying any (or all!) of the pieces. Channel our athletes while watching them from the warmth of your couch! Plus, 100% of sales from the cardigan go back to the Olympic Committee. See the whole collection at RalphLauren.com and TeamUSAShop.org.

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