Hemline How-to

Marie Claire's fashion editors explain the broad range of skirt lengths for the fall season.

I see that hemlines go up and down every season. Where has it stopped for the fall season, and how can I adapt it in my wardrobe?

There was a time when the hemline for each season rested purely on what the major designers had shown. Luckily fashion is not so rigid anymore, allowing women to create a style of their own. Designers have recognized our liberation and have shown a broad range of skirt lengths for the fall season. Every length is wearable and versatile, but the one length that seems the hardest to adapt is the maxi-length skirt.

The trick to wearing a long skirt is to wear something simple on top to balance out all that is going on below. Some suggestions -- a white button-down shirt, a turtleneck sweater, a 3/4-sleeve boatneck top. The shoe must be flat, and can be a boot or a sneaker. This length skirt is definitely for the more aggressive fashion dresser. For the more conservative out there, choose the knee-length skirt; it always looks pulled together and stylish.