Anne Hathaway Co-Signs the Chunky Sneaker Comeback

The bigger and the bolder, the better.

Anne Hathaway in chunky sneakers, purple cardigan, white pants, and a Birkin bag.
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Almost two weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Los Angeles leaving a workout class with a rare Birkin—a casual accessory for a celebrity of her caliber (she loves touting an exclusive bag, after all.) Yet, something about her outfit caught our eye that wasn’t just her exclusive bag: Lopez wore chunky Prada sneakers. For style writers, it’s our job to identify clothing trends from the A-list set, and even though most celebrities are still wearing sleek sneakers (see: Kaia Gerber in Adidas Sambas), we couldn’t help but think: Is the chunky sneaker comeback upon us? Now, thanks to confirmation from Anne Hathaway, we’re confident that the 2010s trend is back in full swing. The actress was seen in New York wearing a bright purple cardigan, wide-leg pants, and, you guessed it, hefty trainers sneakers. Were Hathaway's chunky sneakers a coincidence? We think not. 

While leaving The Tonight Show, the Eileen actress illustrated her fashion chameleon prowess. During the show, she wore a sparkly cream bustier and skirt set from Des Phemmes, which she paired with platform heels. But when she left, she opted for a more casual ensemble: she styled a lavender V-neck Lisa Yang cardigan and layered it over a white LESET pointelle top and wide-leg cream jeans from DL1961's Spring 2024 collection. For accessories, she stuck to her usual combination of minimal jewelry, black sunglasses, and a Birkin bag that's cutely charmed with a Hermés horse. Lastly, her cream-colored chunky sneakers were significantly hefty and solidified the outfit’s relaxed feel. 

Anne Hathaway sneakers

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Hathaway’s Eileen press tour has proved ultra-stylish: She’s approved winter whites in two all-white different outfits, delivered on giving us Andy Sachs nostalgia with her quiet luxury cape coat, and now, has co-signed the dad sneaker revival. 

Long ago (in 2018), before the reign of the Sambas and slim sneakers, Balenciaga's Triple-S style and Nike's Air Forces were the most covetable sneakers on the market. Like any fashion trend, sneaker styles will always come and go, so it’s best to shop for what you like. Still, with the 2010s era currently influencing style again (think: ballet flats, peplum tops, and bold color trends) it’s only natural that the dad sneaker finally makes its way back into the trend cycle. Plus, they’re so comfortable and can arguably last for many more miles than non-supportive flat sneakers and shoes. 

Bored of Adidas Sambas? We don’t blame you. Having a go-to sneaker, plus a capsule collection of footwear you can always count on (and know that works for you) is key to having a complete closet. A New Balance pair will always be cool, plus the 9060 style is the shoe to have this season and it shows; they’re sold out almost everywhere, but we’ve included an in-stock style below. Other tried-and-true dad sneakers are Asics, and the cream colorway we’ve added is similar to Hathaway's. A sneaker we can promise we’ll get you compliments and set you apart from the crowd is the offering from Stephney Worker’s Club (which is currently deeply discounted!).

Shop Anne Hathaway’s chunky sneakers, below.

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