Beyoncé Pairs a Tailored Ferragamo Suit With $36 Earrings

She looks like a corporate cowgirl in her straight-off-the-runway set.

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Beyoncé has been dressing to the tune of her Cowboy Carter era, wearing fringe jackets, bolo ties, ten-gallon hats, and approximately seven Canadian tuxedos. But now, the star is taking her Western wardrobe to the next level. Say goodbye to the lasso-twirling rodeo queen and hello to the saloon tycoon—with affordable earrings in tow.

We're all familiar with business casual, but Beyoncé's inventing the business cowboy. Her latest look channels a ranch-owning millionaire magnate in a spin on her previous all-denim look, courtesy of a khaki-colored Ferragamo suit from the brand's Spring 2023 ready-to-wear collection.

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The blazer is fastened with an almost kimono-like wrap effect. It's modern, yet traditional, carefully tailored and free of lapels. Her pants have a slightly loose fit without being oversized, as does the trench coat.

The beige shade is perfectly matched in her button-up, trench coat, wool felt cowboy hat, and pointed-toe cowboy boots. Beyoncé's blonde tendrils, a few carefully spilling from her blonde hat, are a nice touch. So are a pair of $36 hammered silver earrings from 8 Other Reasons, which are still in stock.

Shiona Turini, Beyoncé's long-time stylist, pulled together the monochrome look. She kept the accessories on theme with a turquoise bolo tie and mismatched rings.

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While Western fashion is in the spotlight, suits and "office core" outfits are also having a real renaissance in womenswear. Just yesterday, Zendaya turned a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer Into a mini dress for a late night show appearance. Earlier this week, Rihanna put a David Byrne-in-Stop Making Sense twist on workwear in an ultra-baggy tailored jacket. And Gigi Hadid recently wore not one, but two suit sets.

Beyoncé's corporate cowgirl look is the best of both worlds.

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