Women and Tennis Fashion Through the Years

Which decade aced the perfect marriage between comfort and style?
Sports equipment, Daytime, Sport venue, Tennis racket, Human leg, Elbow, Soft tennis, Tennis player, Racket, Racketlon,
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As the U.S. Open commences, and stokes our cravings for crisp tennis whites, we're looking back at how women's style on court has evolved. From the loose, court-sweeping knits of the '20s to today's lycra-infused mini-skirts, tennis attire has steadily done a 180. Which decade aced the perfect marriage between comfort and style? That's for you to decide.
Sports equipment, Daytime, Sport venue, Tennis racket, Human leg, Elbow, Soft tennis, Tennis player, Racket, Racketlon,
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Suzanne Lenglen, 1920
Tire, Motorcycle, Wheel, Automotive tire, Automotive lighting, Fender, Racquet sport, Strings, Tennis, Rim,
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Two Women Off to Play Tennis, 1925
White, Sunglasses, Monochrome, Goggles, Cap, Jacket, Street fashion, Bicycle wheel, Fur, Strings,
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Lili De Alvarez, 1926
Human body, Dress, Photograph, Vintage clothing, Knee, One-piece garment, Day dress, Retro style, Costume, Dance,
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Madge Bellamy, 1930
Face, Leg, Sitting, Human leg, Photograph, Shoe, White, Style, Knee, Beauty,
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Tennis Players, 1930
Leg, Social group, Youth, Knee, Athletic shoe, Jumping, Monochrome, Crew, Walking shoe, Sculpture,
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English Tennis Players, 1938
Leg, Lip, Daytime, Skin, Sports equipment, Human leg, Photograph, White, Tennis, Elbow,
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Carole Lombard, 1938
Skin, Human leg, Photograph, Mesh, Chest, Tennis racket, Waist, Thigh, Beauty, Abdomen,
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Mary Healy, 1940
Leg, Shoe, Human leg, Photograph, White, Sitting, Comfort, Style, Monochrome, Knee,
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Jane Russel and a Friend On a Tennis Court, 1944
Sports equipment, Lip, Skin, Human leg, Shoe, Photograph, Standing, Elbow, Tennis racket, Tennis,
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Katharine Hepburn, 1944
Human leg, Shoe, Style, Brick, Dress, Street fashion, Monochrome photography, Monochrome, Knee, Black-and-white,
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Tennis Players, 1901
Sports equipment, Photograph, Tennis racket, Strings, Elbow, Racquet sport, Tennis, Racket, Tennis Equipment, Tennis player,
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A Model Wearing a Tennis Dress, 1950
Sitting, Monochrome, Vintage clothing, Portrait photography, Portrait,
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Althea Gibson, 1949
Window, Shoe, Human leg, Style, Waist, Dress, Chest, Trunk, One-piece garment, Day dress,
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A Model Wearing Teddy Tinling, 1951
Photograph, Dress, Style, House, Monochrome, Racquet sport, Racket, Tie, Strings, Monochrome photography,
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Models in Tennis Tea Interval Outfits, 1951
Dress, Vintage clothing, Tablecloth, Gown, Costume, Victorian fashion, Outdoor table, Conifer, Sun hat, One-piece garment,
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Tennis Costumes, 1956
Sitting, Photograph, Comfort, Chair, Beauty, Foot, Long hair, Headpiece, Photo shoot, Hair accessory,
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Tennis Player, 1966
Finger, Cap, Elbow, Thigh, Chest, Racket, Racquet sport, Baseball cap, Tennis racket, Strings,
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A Model Wearing Teddy Tinling, 1968
Human leg, Photograph, White, Style, Tennis racket, Knee, Beauty, Playing sports, Black, Muscle,
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Gussie Moran, 1968
Human leg, Crowd, Entertainment, Audience, Performing arts, Style, Dancer, Thigh, Dancesport, Championship,
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Billie Jean King, 1975
Leg, Shoe, Dress, Style, Monochrome, Day dress, Child model, One-piece garment, Foot, Sandal,
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Lea Pericoli and Carol Kalogeropoulos Wearing Ted Tinling, 1970
Human leg, Shoulder, Flowerpot, Shoe, Photograph, White, Monochrome photography, Monochrome, Style, Black-and-white,
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Julie Heldman Wearing Ted Tinling, 1971
Racquet sport, Racket, Tennis, Strings, Tennis racket, Soft tennis, Individual sports, Tennis player, Tennis Equipment, Playing sports,
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Designer Ted Tinling With Tennis Players, 1973
Photograph, Racquet sport, Costume accessory, Strings, Tennis, Vintage clothing, Costume hat, Tennis Equipment, Racket, Tennis racket,
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Santa Carling, 1984
Shoe, Human leg, Mesh, Dress, Wire fencing, Fashion accessory, Chain-link fencing, Street fashion, Thigh, Waist,
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Fashion Designer Mary McFadden, 1988
Clothing, Sports equipment, Sport venue, Leg, Finger, Lip, Tennis racket, Daytime, Racketlon, Sportswear,
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Martina Hingis, 2002
Dress, Electric blue, Chest, Cobalt blue, Active tank, Hair accessory, Headband, Headpiece, Sleeveless shirt, Cocktail dress,
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Victoria Azarenka, 2002
Clothing, Sports equipment, Sport venue, Leg, Lip, Grass, Daytime, Tennis racket, Human leg, Skin,
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Sabine Lisicki and Samantha Stosur, 2011
Human body, Hand, Street fashion, Fashion, Cap, Sleeveless shirt, Necklace, Day dress, Baseball cap, Headpiece,
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Venus Williams, 2013
Sports equipment, Lip, Sports uniform, Sport venue, Sportswear, Human leg, Tennis racket, Elbow, Tennis, Tennis player,
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Serena Williams, 2009
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