Women and Their Breakfast in Bed Through the Years

It solves all the doldrums of waking up.

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Speaking from experience, breakfast in bed solves all the doldrums of waking up in the morning. Bidding farewell to your slumber is a cinch when you have a fresh cup of coffee, eggs over easy, and fresh-squeezed orange juice waiting for you. It doesn't matter who's serving it up — mind you, a handsome gent holding a silver platter doesn't hurt — just that you're still pajama-clad and haven't so much as lifted a finger.

Style, Serveware, Monochrome photography, Monochrome, Black-and-white, Linens, Photography, Coffee cup, Interior design, Cup,
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Eleanor Boardman, 1924
Human, Room, Lighting, Bed, Textile, Photograph, Bedding, Bedroom, Interior design, Linens,
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Aline Johnson de Menocal, 1946
Textile, Room, Comfort, Linens, Sitting, Bedding, Fur, Home accessories, Pillow, Long hair,
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Woman having breakfast in bed, 1955
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Ely Alexander, 1957
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Caterina Lodders, 1962
Serveware, Sitting, Furniture, Comfort, Tableware, Dishware, Coffee cup, Couch, Cup, Vintage clothing,
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Breakfast in Bed - Page 17
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Julie Christie, 1963
Serveware, Table, Furniture, Moustache, Tableware, Headpiece, Facial hair, Plate, Tiara, Dishware,
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Miss Word Leslie Langley, 1965
Serveware, Photography, Monochrome, Love, Coffee cup, Cup, Romance, Stock photography, Hug,
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Martin Potter And Judy Geeson, 1970
White, Bag, Luggage and bags, Serveware, Monochrome, Paper, Monochrome photography, News, Vintage clothing, Paper product,
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Audrey Hepburn in How to Steal a Million (1966)
Sitting, Comfort, Sharing, Conversation, Lap, Monochrome, Black-and-white, Vintage clothing,
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Brigitte Bardot in A Very Private Affair (1962)
Lighting, Interior design, Lamp, Tableware, Interior design, Drinkware, Curtain, Plate, Window treatment, Serveware,
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Monocled Miss, 1964
Lighting, Room, Interior design, Comfort, Lamp, Linens, Interior design, Sitting, Bedding, Bedroom,
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Kate Moss, 1993
Room, Lighting, Comfort, Bed, Textile, Interior design, Bedding, Bed sheet, Linens, Bedroom,
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Uma Thurman in The Accidental Husband, 2008
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