Sophisticated Tie Dye Outfits to Obsess Over

These pieces are to dye for!

street style   berlin fashion week   july 01, 2019
Christian VierigGetty Images

We’ve all dabbled in at least a little bit of tie-dye DIY. Remember your excitement as you ransacked your old sweats or cracked open a fresh pack of white tees? The process was a little messy, but logistically pretty simple: just tie, dip, and dye to impart a fantastical galaxy pattern on old clothes. A feast for the eyes! The ancient art form rooted in the 6th century was a summer camp favorite and a psychedelic symbol of the '60s. While the pattern never went completely dormant, it's likely that your Grateful Dead-loving uncle was the only adult who rocked it. Today, an elevated approach has surfaced. You don't have to bust out peace signs or prance around barefoot to wear it. In fact, fashion's newfound fascination with tie-dye is everywhere and on everything, from skirts to heels to handbags. Ahead, we've got five sophisticated ways to wear it.

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