Hailey Bieber Wore a Micro Mini Skirt and Lace Lingerie in the Colorado Snow

Was she cold? Probably. Did she look like a sugar plum fairy? Yes!

Hailey Bieber mini skirt lace lingerie
(Image credit: Courtesy of @haileybieber)

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for the perfect Instagram photo? Whatever my answer would be is nothing compared to Hailey Bieber's most recent Instagram post. Between frolicking around Aspen with BFF Kendall Jenner, the RHODE founder took some time for a photo shoot in the snowy hills of Colorado. Bieber wore lace lingerie, a sequined micro mini skirt, and a fur coat. Here's the thing: I'm kind of in love with it. When it comes to Hailey, she usually keeps her outfits more lowkey, but this recent look is anything but. Of course, this Instagram moment is filled with fashion gems that deserve an equally fabulous backdrop.

The model donned a cream-colored sequined mini skirt straight from No. 21's Spring 2024 collection with a white lace bra layered underneath a blush-colored bralette. The star of the outfit, though, is Bieber's over-the-top feathered coat, which comes from Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2005 runway. I can't exactly say what the right setting for this look was, but according to my weather app, it is 32 degrees Fahrenheit in Aspen, so the great outdoors wouldn't be my first thought. Again, this is another reason why this look is so outrageously fun.

Although she is probably freezing her bum off, the moment works. The sequined skirt against the snowy backdrop makes her look like a real-life sugar plum fairy from The Nutcracker. That is if The Nutcracker was a movie rated PG-13 and directed by Sofia Coppola.

Hailey Bieber wearing a sequined micro-mini skirt, a lace bra, and a feathered coat in the snow

(Image credit: Instagram / @haileybieber)

Drawing the connection to a sugar plum fairy isn't that far-fetched, given the fact Bieber captioned her photo "sugarplum," but the aesthetic has been trending all over TikTok, so it's not surprising the "It" girl jumped onto the trend. Her glazed pink nails and pink blush makeup only add to the whole "sugar plum fairy" aesthetic she was going for.

Hailey Bieber wearing a sequined micro-mini skirt with a lace bra and feathered coat in the snow

(Image credit: Instagram / @haileybieber)

If you haven't come across the newest micro-trend for winter, the term "sugar plum fairy" refers to a shimmery, glossy makeup look focusing on pinky blush, but it looks like Bieber is bringing the aesthetic into the fashion realm. Between this look and her recent TikTok, where she broke down the makeup she would wear on stage in The Nutcracker during her ballerina days, she seems to be the spokeswoman for the trend.

This isn't the only look we've gotten from Bieber while away on her Aspen vacation. She has also had two incredible faux fur coat moments - both from Ferragamo. While Hailey's outfits are always strong on and off the red carpet, this most recent trip might have given us a few of her peak fashion moments from the year.

Melony Forcier
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