Jennifer Lawrence's Ballet Flats Confirm That 2010s Business Casual Really Is Back

She styled the polarizing shoe with—drumroll, please—a pencil midi skirt.

Jennifer Lawrence in a black mini dress, sunglasses, and headband
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2023 was the year of Jennifer Lawrence’s great style. Through and through, her most stunning outfits consisted of pared-back basics. You may have noticed that she loves a well-made coat from The Row and a structured pair of trousers. Most noticeably, however, is that her recent outfits harken back to the reign of 2010s business casual. We’d now call it corporate-core, but back then, the trend popularized blazers styled with statement necklaces and ballet flats worn outside the office as a part of a wear-everyday casual staple. JLaw has a particular fondness for the latter: While out to dinner in Los Angeles, Lawrence wore ballet flats in a simple monochromatic look, reaffirming that the polarizing but undeniably timeless shoe isn’t going away soon.  

Lawrence kept the look simple (like most of her best street style looks.) She wore a monochromatic look consisting of a leather blazer, slip skirt, sweater, and flats. Her leather blazer, along with her suede flats, added an interesting texture to her overall outfit.

We'll wager that at least one aspect of her outfit is from The Row, although we can’t be 100 percent sure. (Perhaps her cozy sweater or sleek midi skirt can be credited to her favorite luxury brand?). Lawrence kept the rest of the look minimal, only adding a few gold necklaces, and she kept her blonde hair loose and wavy.

Jennifer Lawrence 2010s business casual

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We know it’s not the actress’ most exciting look, but she continues to modernize our ideal business casual ensemble, particularly on nights out. Earlier in the fall, she wore slacks and a white button-down while out in New York, which strays from the typical modern-day nightlife look. Although not exactly business casual, Lawrence has also called on another key 2010s aesthetic, the hipster. Her take on the too-cool-to-care uniform is a coat, square glasses, and a chunky beanie.

As we enter into the New Year, it’s only natural to anticipate upcoming trendy pieces and styles, and it’s safe to say corporate-core and all its glory will continue in popularity. Perhaps it’s a response to the loungewear that took over all our lives during the pandemic or our nostalgia for the 2010s. No matter what the case may be, items like blazers, trousers, button-downs, and other buttoned-up pieces will more than ever be our go-to this year. (Partly, because they’re timeless and never will go out of style.) While some may face ballet flat fatigue, interesting materials like mesh and sheer have made the shoe fun again. 

With Taylor Swift rocking heeled loafers, Lawrence beckoning in the 2010s, slouchy totes popular again, and Celine sending skinny jeans down the runway, it’s clear that nostalgia for the era is real. In short: It’s time to re-download Tumblr and dust off your circle skirts! The 2010s are back, baby.

Kaitlin Clapinski
Fashion Writer

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